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Today we launched Loree & Loree’s Arbitration Award Practice website and with it, this blog: the Arbitration Award Practice Blog.

Loree & Loree has been blogging since March 2009 about arbitration law and reinsurance-related matters under our main blog platform: The Loree Reinsurance and Arbitration Law Forum. We’ve written quite a bit about arbitration award enforcement in that blog, including “Nuts & Bolts” or “Arbitration & Mediation FAQs” features, which are intended to be straightforward, plain English articles addressing arbitration law topics or issues that are important (or at least frequently arise) or are sometimes misunderstood.  Usually, the titles of those articles are in question form, with the body of the article answering the question.

Not all of our Loree Reinsurance and Arbitration Law Forum articles are in a “Nuts & Bolts” or “FAQs” format, but based on our Google Analytics statistics, most of these articles have been pretty popular, and some have remained quite popular for years. So when we considered what type of articles would be best suited for a blog about arbitration award enforcement, we concluded that the FAQs or Nuts & Bolts format would not only be the most useful to readers of this blog, but also the most relevant to persons who might be interested in our Arbitration Award Practice site.

So articles written in that format will  be the focus of the Arbitration Award Practice Blog, but what will be the focus of  those articles? The informal tag-line that appears on our posts page sums it up: “Nuts and Bolts and FAQs About Confirming, Enforcing, Vacating, Modifying and Correcting Arbitration Awards Under the Federal Arbitration Act and State Arbitration Statutes.”

Now all we have to do is start posting away, and once we do, we hope you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor.  .  .  .

Philip J. Loree Jr.




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